Working to provide amazing experiences and free making activities to everyone.

At MakerFest, we are working to provide free MakerFest events across the UK to allow everyone, regardless of experience or age, to find new hobbies, develop new skills and get to express the excitement of making. We're also working with local communities to increase volunteering opportunities in the events industry.

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MakerFest is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tech for Students

Technology is urgently needed to support young people and to keep them connected to friends and education. You can help us by donating your old laptops for us to wipe the data and get it ready for a student to use.

Digital Making with CoderDojo

You can complete Mission Zero in around an hour - that's fast. You don't need any programming knowledge and, if you stick to be brief, and your program doesn't contain any errors, it is guaranteed to run on the ISS!

Big Charity Giveback supporters

The Big Charity Giveback is a community project we set up in the first national lockdown back in March 2020, as a way to say a huge thank you to local charities and volunteers who have worked hard during the pandemic.

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At MakerFest, we are doing everything we can to try to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus at our events and workshops. We're looking at what we can do to keep everyone safe, whether that be through visors for our team or hand sanitiser for everyone to use. Although we are a while away from resuming with our face-to-face operations, we are confident that everything we are doing now will help us, and you, in the future. Thanks for sticking by our sides.

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With the help of our volunteers and partners, we are able to provide MakerFest style events in-person and digitally across the UK!

Our Mission >

Making sure everyone has access to making activities to obtain essential skills and opportunities to find new hobbies.

Our mission.

MakerFest is on a mission to make sure everyone has access to making activities to obtain essential skills and to find new hobbies.

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